Hello all Ross here.

On this page I will be keeping everyone up to date on just where the heck I am whenever I have wireless access.

I will be leaving tomorrow from Klamath Falls Oregon and hope to be in Los Angeles by the 14th, preferably earlier. I want to be able to be there to take pics of the Salvation Festivities on that night, and basically I’m hitting restart and trying to regain my footing in life. Hoping to get a job so I can start providing for myself and then the rest of my family.

So here’s the the future. And what it holds, whatever that might be.

Until the next update of this page, I’m out.

God bless you all,


July 8th-

It’s about time I updated this page with my whereabouts.

Right now I’m in sweltering Southern California…in the not so sweltering shade.

Be Well Be Safe God Bless.

I am back down in Southern California again.

Lot warmer that’s for sure.