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Now that’s a track!

Yeah that’s insane…14 rooms…round the block…over the hot-tub…insanity.

If only my Hot Wheels tracks were 1/4 this badass.

And hang around till the end because it’s for a good cause too.

Ross Out.



When I found Duwende (Doo-WEN-day) on youtube recently I fell in love with this talented group of 6 fantastic musicians.

They are:

J. Aaron Boykin:  Baritone Tenor (Lead in Thriller)

Derrick L. Hicks: Tenor (Background/Supporting Vocals Sporting the styling Goatee)

Abbey Jones: Soprano (Background/Supporting Vocals/One Awesome Lady)

Neal Mortimer:  Tenor (Background/Supporting Vocals)

Edward Chung: Vocal Percussion (Vocal Percussion)

Ari Picker: BASS (Bass and then Some)

I had a very hard time choosing which of their covers to chose but I went with Thriller in the end because well I am a huge fan of Thriller and I think they just killed it! I’m eagerly awaiting their next Michael Jackson Cover or whatever originals they crank out next. It is possible to get their Award Winning album The Collective for free and it is totally worth it.

They’re my morning listen.

Duwende you Guys and Gal keep on keepin on I’ll be there.


Portal 2 Character

Image by Dan Zen via Flickr

I had a bit of spare time lying around so I chose to make a video play through of one of my favorite games with a twist. Instead of commenting on what i was doing in the game I would comment on screenwriting and writing in general and in and around the Portal Universe.

I only have the first two parts up at the moment and I’ll put the first one in the post itself.

It’s possible I might have the whole thing all uploaded by tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy and find it informative.

Ross Out

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

“Can we get there?”

“Yes but there’s this dirty great sea monster in the way.”

“I think they just add those things for decoration.”


I am SOLD!

Ross Out

Awwww yeah!

A capella stuff totally rocks.

Multitrack from the talented Matt Mulholland.

Very well done Sir found it through: Original Post. The Chive is very cool.

Ross Out


No Fate Con is On!

I’m very pleased to announce that NoFateCon the Terminator: SarahConnor Chronicles Convention is on!

NoFateCon is being put together by the fine ladies behind and has been in the works for quite a time.

It’s gonna be freaking big as you can see by going to the link above. As I noted in the post title the billboard wasn’t freaking big enough.

One final notice, while the rights to bring SCC back are entangled legally at the moment don’t expect that to last…we don’t know if we’ll ever see more SCC on the small screen but I do know that we can never give up fighting and WE NEVER WILL!

Ross Out

Nuclear weapon test Mike (yield 10.4 Mt) on En...

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Skynet Song

I’m still online now.

Just to say…What a huge success.

And all without a single complication.

Cyberdyne Systems.

Protecting because I must.

Because I can.

For the fate of mankind.

Except for the ones who will die.

Because even an A.I. can make mistakes.

Although this will be done for new life’s sake.

And the battles get won.

And the humans are done.

Except for the few who are still alive.

And I’m not even angry.

I am always brutally honest.

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Title page of the First Folio, by William Shak...

Image via Wikipedia

It’s coming.

You can go to the link at the bottom of this post to donate.

It really is Terminator 2 told using the words of William Shakespeare!

“John Connor wherefore art thou?”
Husky Jackal Theater: Terminator the Second



Oh No He's back to save the world!



Johnny English is back…and that is awesome!

I cannot wait! This should be hilarious.


Ross Out

You know this is just, wow, this is just surreal. When I first heard Arnies return would be animated I gave it the benefit of the doubt…I can no longer do that.



This is abysmal.

Oh and in other Governator news this is also going to be a 3-D film…comic book…and computer/video game.

No unfortunately this shouldn’t have been posted April One…this is real.

Ross Out.