Well this is totally unexpected.

Pacificor, LLC is about to become the new owner of the Terminator Franchise unless a judge says otherwise.

Here is a link to the original story courtesy of Deadline Hollywood.

29.5 Million Dollars.

Basically Pacificor..erm…well…uhm…shit this poster said it best.

You make an inference that is incorrect and your readers seem to jump right in. A secured creditor has a “credit” that it can bid. This is true in every situation. So Pacificor is not paying with cash, but with what it is owed. Pacificor would bid up to the amount owed because it is “owed first” being a secured creditor. It was always going to bid its credit, because Terminator is an asset that will have some value and Pacificor knows it will never see actual cash from Halcyon. Any and every secured creditor would have done the same thing. Now, Pacificor may sell Terminator to the bidders or decide to hold on and see what it can do with Terminator. Either way, this was not a surprise and plays out like every other bankruptcy involving a secured creditor.

What he said.

Here’s what I HOPE happens.

I hope Pacificor does indeed sell the rights for a profit to either Sony or Lionsgate.

And even if they don’t I hope they’re planning on meeting with all involved and interested parties because I’m totally digging where Lionsgate was planning on going with the series.

In case you didn’t read it…their plans were as follows.

“We’re going to fight one hell of a fight,” a Lionsgate insider told me in advance. Its plans were for “a complete re-boot, back to basics, with real emotional stories, and effects that will be secondary.”

Yes please.

Pacificor…please go to Lionsgate…please.

The Fate of the Future lies in your hands.

Ross Out.